Esophagogastric Working Group of the AIO - About us

The Esophagogastric Working Group of the AIO is focused on addressing important clinical questions to improve the care of gastric and esophageal cancer patients, and translational research on gaining a better understanding of the development of this disease.
Gastric cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. In Germany, it is the fifth commonest cancer in men, who have a 1:43 lifetime risk of developing gastric cancer, and the eighth commonest in women. In 2010, approximately 19.000 cases of gastric cancer and 5.500 cases of esophageal cancer occurred in Germany.
The Esophagogastric Working Group of the AIO provides a scientific platform, which is designated for improving research and treatment of gastric and esophageal cancer. The platform comprises a network of 400 members (Medical oncologist and gastroenterologist) represented by the steering committee of the group

This is achieved by particular research projects mainly focused on 3 fields:

- phase II clinical trials focusing on testing new agents such as novel gene, antibody or vaccine therapies and/or on establishing complex multidisciplinary treatment strategies
- randomized phase II/III trials that are capable of optimizing treatment or solving important clinical questions
- translational research to enable the discovery and validation of prognostic and predictive biomarkers

Most of our clinical trials and research projects represent AIO/investigator initiated trials (ISTs). However, we are also open for cooperation with international institutions, such as EORTC, PETACC etc. and as well as with the pharmaceutical industry. For such cooperative projects we are usually integrated in the planning process from the very beginning.

These pages give you an idea about our current team and scientific activities.  If you have interest in collaboration, feel free to contact us by Email or by phone.